Wealth Management

Our wealth management service is offered to successful professionals, recipients of sudden wealth, and small business owners that have significant assets and are looking to build an ongoing relationship with a financial manager. Although many advisors call themselves “wealth managers”, studies have shown that only a small percentage of them actually provide the wide range of services that live up to that qualification. Wealth management goes beyond traditional investment consulting advisory models and becomes a relationship-based process, where your advisor acts as your own personal Chief Financial Officer. In order to provide a true wealth management service to our clients, we address three core areas:

Investment Consulting is the foundation upon which we begin building a relationship with our clients. By gaining insight into what matters most to them, we put together a customized investment strategy for each client goal. Since most financial advisors provide some form of investment consulting, it is our ability to go beyond investment consulting that sets us apart as a true wealth management firm.

Advanced Planning is the process by which we evaluate the entirety of your financial situation and address the range of financial needs beyond investment consulting. This process consists of four areas:
  • Wealth Enhancement
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Wealth Protection
  • Charitable Planning
Our wealth management clients have built a foundation of wealth over their lifetime. We design and implement strategies that address how their wealth is enhanced, preserved, and ultimately transferred in line with their goals and wishes.

Relationship Management focuses on two key areas:
  • Consulting with our clients to understand their critical needs and address them on an ongoing basis through a collaborative process
  • Assembling and managing a network of financial experts and working effectively with our clients’ other advisors, such as accountants and attorneys
Our ability to create and maintain a collaborative and consultative partnership with our clients enables us to proactively design solutions that allow our clients to live life on their terms.

Holistic Financial Planning

Our holistic financial planning service is best suited for emerging investors who are looking for strategies to accumulate wealth. Holistic financial planning is a process. We take time to explore our clients’ goals and needs and develop custom solutions to address these needs. This process is similar to the Investment Consulting and Advanced Planning components of our wealth management service. The key difference is that after we assist with initial implementation of our client's financial strategy, ongoing monitoring is typically done by the client. After the initial implementation, we typically meet with our clients on an annual basis to update their financial plan and to ensure that they are on track to achieve the goals set forth in their financial strategy. Areas covered include retirement, investment, tax, education, estate, and charitable planning. In addition, we will include any other customized analysis necessary to design a strategy that provides our clients with the greatest chance of successfully achieving their goals.

Our Fees

Wealth Management

We pride ourselves in the fact that our clients tell us that our fees are very reasonable for the level of service we provide. For our wealth management service, we utilize either a declining tiered fee structure based on the total invested assets we manage for you or an annual retainer based on total investable net worth. We typically require a minimum fee of $5,000 for our wealth management service. For more information on fees for your specific needs, please contact us to set up a no-cost initial meeting.

Holistic Financial Planning

Fees for our Holistic Financial Planning service are determined by the complexity of your situation and the estimated time required to design your financial plan. We typically require a minimum fee of $5,000 for our Holistic Financial Planning service. For more information on fees for your specific needs, please contact us to set up a no-cost initial meeting.

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