Business Retirement Solutions Overview

Quantum Financial Management works as a conflict-free partner and documented fiduciary to business retirement plans and plan sponsors. We pride ourselves on offering an exceptionally high level of personalized, client-centric service while delivering significant, real bottom-line results over time through both reduced costs and investment selection and management. We take the same care and approach with our retirement solutions clients as we do with our private wealth clients by engaging them in a
structured, collaborative approach that ensures the maximum benefit for plan participants while remaining consistent with the objectives and priorities of the plan sponsors.

In partnering with a number of business owners to assist them in evaluating their business and personal retirement planning needs, we frequently find that both defined contribution (i.e. 401(k), ROTH 401(k), 403(b), Profit Sharing 457) and defined benefit retirement plans suffer from similar product and service drawbacks. Below we offer our perspective on the key issues facing retirement plan sponsors and how our service offering addresses them.

We encourage you to contact us to schedule an initial meeting and conduct a no-cost assessment of your current plan and see how Quantum Financial Management can help you exceed your business retirement planning goals.

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Structured, Collaborative Approach

Our six step approach is designed to engage plan sponsors and learn about what matters most to them, their business and their plan participants. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. From plan design, asset selection and model construction to plan sponsor and participant education, Quantum Financial Management designs and implements a solution that fits your business goals and needs.
  1. Discover � We evaluate what is most important to plan sponsors and what they wish to accomplish with their plan going forward, identifying likes, dislikes and special situations that may impact design and implementation
  2. Analyze and Assess � We take a meticulous approach and assess current plan information to analyze plan design options and enhancements as well as direct costs, indirect costs, and opportunity costs
  3. Recommend � We develop recommendations for plan design, enrollment features, ongoing education, and investment models and asset selection
  4. Implement � After mutually agreeing upon recommendations, we engage our team and partners to put your new plan into motion, from participant communications to recordkeeping, compliance and custodial arrangements
  5. Educate � Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that education breeds confidence, and confidence begets participation; our ongoing commitment to education helps plan participants raise their level of financial awareness and increase their level of retirement readiness
  6. Manage � Our ongoing management of the plan is continuous in its nature; by conducting portfolio rebalancing when appropriate, ongoing education sessions, and annual plan design analysis, we proactively look out for the best interest of plan sponsors and participants
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Key Issues Facing Retirement Plan Sponsors

Product Issues

  • High cost investment options
  • Expensive, non-value adding custodial fees
  • Proprietary products that make tracking and benchmarking difficult
  • Absence of appropriate investment options across varied asset classes
  • Lack of customized, risk approriate model portfolios for all plan participants
Service Issues

  • No personalized and continuous advisory services
  • Lack of transparency and clarity of all related plan expenses, including rebates and revenue sharing
  • Absence of a fully electronic solution to minimize plan sponsor administrative efforts
  • No ongoing education program to support plan participants and newly eligible employees
  • Weak participation rates driving key employee participation limitations as a result of non-discrimination testing
  • No annual re-assessment of total plan design and features to ensure meeting the plan sponsor�s objectives
  • Increased fiduciary risks from lack of adviser partnership, appropriate investment options, and reliable compliance practices
In order to benefit our business retirement plan clients, we offer solutions that specifically address each of these issues and add value to each plan participant.

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Our Service Offering

Product Solutions
Service Solutions
  • Completely transparent and competitive pricing that clearly outlines distribution of all related plan expenses
  • Ongoing, high-touch approach performing regular due diligence and proactively looking out for our clients� best interest
  • Reduction of fiduciary risk through the use of professional investment managers, who also act as a fiduciary to plan sponsors
  • Fully integrated, intuitive, web-based toolset for plan sponsors and participants, designed to maximize efficiency of plan administrators
  • Driving participation through online or auto-enrollment options combined with ongoing education programs for plan participants of all levels
  • Unique services tailored to your needs, including individual portfolio design consultations using comprehensive risk analysis tools and a time-tested investment philosophy
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No-Cost Assessment

If you feel like you and your plan may be experiencing some of the symptoms above, it would be of value to have us provide you with a no-cost assessment of your current plan. Our comprehensive assessment will evaluate your current plan's total cost of ownership, investment options, investment performance and plan design. We will provide you a copy of our assessment, in addition to potential plan design alternatives, additional features, and implementation options. Even though it is our interest to gain your business, we pride ourselves on our ability to conduct an objective assessment process. We are confident that you will find value in our detailed analysis of your current plan. We look forward to the opportunity to win your trust and your business.

We welcome you to contact us to set up an initial meeting to discuss your busienss retirement solution needs. Please call us at 847-730-3808 or email us at

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